Child of the Earth - Watoto Wa Ardhi

I was born in Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I personally witnessed the protracted conflict in Congo and was victimized by the war. During the war, I volunteered with Care International and Caritas International to help resettle and reintegrate refugees in Eastern Congo until I became a refugee myself with my three young children.

Watching war movies or playing war games is nothing like the realities of war. There is no hero or villain and there is no such thing as righteousness in such an act.  In a real warfare, it is heartbreaking to see children crying by their parents’ corpses with no one to help them and nowhere to go. Such orphaned children, especially raped girls and children born by rape victims are rejected by society because they are seen as social outcasts. I wished I could have helped but I was also in despair and broken. I saw child soldiers as young as my son clueless but armed to the teeth.

During the war I feared that my daughter would be raped or my young sons would be recruited as child soldiers. If I had died in this war, who would have taken care of my three children? Who would have cared? Would they have ended up like the desperate and deprived children on the streets of Congo?

The horrifying images of the children in despair during the war are still imprinted in my mind. Since I left Africa, I have been burdened to go back to Congo and empower young boys and girls through education, moral support and life skills. Most the children in Congo have no support and sleep on the streets. More than 80% of children in Congo are in the pit of poverty destined to misery. They are not educated and cannot read. They have nothing — no food, no shelter and no clothes, and nobody cares.

My principal motivation for establishing this charitable cause is to put a smile back on the faces of the young boys and girls in Congo who have HVI, been sexually abused, desperate, in despair and orphaned; and give them hope for a better future.


Board of Directors

Kelly Feruzi

Kelly Feruzi Etonda

Yves Luzolo
Project Director

Salaman Yamehogo
Project Director Assistant

Michael Sturgeon
Multimedia Director
Lendo Mutambala

Lendo Masaku
Multimedia Assistant

Mely Kanyankogote

Omar M'keyo
Lidia Zabcic


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