Child of the Earth - Watoto Wa Ardhi

December 2010

African food, music and Fashion show, plus a stunning performance by the group Rhythm Method, Child of the Earth with the help of many raised funds to support its main project and goal of 2011 witch was to ship vocational material, clothes, shoes toys and much more tools for learning to schools in need and institutions that help and support the community.


Child of the Earth- Watoto Wa Ardhi shipped carpentry tools, welder tools, bricklaying tools, tailoring tools, and hairdressing tools. We had generators, books, notebooks, pens and pencils, used computers, schools bags, printers and bikes. We also shipped classing cabinets school boards and much more. Child of the Earth would like to thank all the volunteers who made this possible and all the people that donated in kind.


Kelly Feruzi visits Congo 2011

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